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Money History – Amik 4  Welcome back! I’ve been wondering about you and your relationship with money.  Were...
Looking forward to our meeting with the Metis Nation of BC to discuss ways to develop and leverage Indigeous economic opportunities in British Columbia
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AMIK is proud to be attending the upcoming Saddle Lake Career Fair in Alberta. Together with 11 First Nation communities and industry, AMIK will be recruiting for a variety of position across Western Canada to stimulate socio-economic opportuni...
AMIK is excited to be on the panel and participating in Nisgaa's Career fair in Terrace BC.
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To learn more about the amazing work being done by this wonderful organization, please visit: 
AMIK™ – Money Chat Where to Start
AMIK provides Indi...
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Cn aboriginalaffairs option3 %28002%29
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While in Edmonton, Alberta, promoting and recruiting for CN Rail's Aboriginal Career Day, AMIK develops an amazing partnership with Women Building Futures (WBF). To learn more about ...
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Mayors council
EJ Fontaine, President and CEO,  will be on Mayor Brian Bowman's Indigenous Advisory Council alongside Wab Kinew and Justice Murray Sinclair.  Mayor Bowman stated the idea for the council came after Maclean's magazine ...
The Globe and Mail  Article Published May 10 2015
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Like many Manitoba communities, Swan Lake First Nation is experiencing a renaissance. Once crippled by a 2.8 million dollar debt and housing crisis, Swan Lake is now thriving, economically sustainable and moving towards being fully self-reliant...'s Best Employers MFNERC DAKOTA CFS